Origin and History:
Fluctuated Scholars Sudan in many of Titles since chiefdom scientists first in the early twentieth century at the hands of scientists Avmaz like Sheikh / Mohammed al-Badawi Sheikh, and Sheikh / Abul Qasim Ahmed Hashim .. then punish elders evacuated was to create the Scientific Institute in Omdurman role in the decisive push forward as much Chrijoh became a major tributary of the spread of the scientists in the country, including estimator is earned fortunes of science.
Emphasis has been the bulk of the work of this chiefdom in the field of forensic science and published instruction and Issuing Fatwas although not prejudice the work of a political role in representing Mujahdat many of its members throughout its long history marches and students of the Institute and the role of its graduates far from the national memory.
Continued scientists their efforts to maximize the affair of religion in the life of a Muslim society and work to consolidate the developments caused by the movement of civilization and the challenges of globalization, and the interest of scientists to unite their efforts to advocate for issues of Islam and civilizational challenges, including the issue of the application of Islamic law, it deteriorated turnoff cream to reconfigure the chiefdom scientists in dress according to a new vision and new goals to accommodate this fact multi-interlaced challenging in all fields and in the eighties of the last century.
Have combined these efforts Vantage her birthday Scholars Sudan in its current form and that at a rally on 23 / August / 1420 AH, corresponding to 1 / December / 1999 to honor and address the Brother President of the Republic, Field Marshal / Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir and a considerable number of Muslim scholars, led by Sheikh Dr. / Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who addressed the audience, which included a significant number of brothers scientists exceeded three hundred and fifty members from all states of the Sudan and in all scientific disciplines, has resulted in the founding meeting of a final statement encompassed the goals of the Commission and the means to achieve them and vision of reality that lies and how to participate actively change the cons and a boost to the pros, was elected first president of the body, Sheikh Professor / Ahmed Mohammed Ismail Bili and his deputy, the late authorization of the Almighty Sheikh / Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq Alkaruri was elected as Professor / Mohammed Osman Saleh secretary-general of the body and the Maulana / Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed, as his deputy .. In addition to the election of the fifty members of the first Council of scholars of the body (attachments) system has identified the basis for the goals and methods of construction and structural follows.
• construction of the structural body.
The structure of the body and in accordance with its constitutive (attached) of the following:
1 General Conference.
2. Council blindness.
3 Secretariat.
4. body state.
The definition of the body to the world:
The proportion of draws based on the body since it was the idea of ​​the necessity of pairing between forensic science and cosmic science and humanities as not separate them, the (year of God is the knowledge of perspective and the Koran is the revelation spokesman Almstor) has expanded the definition of the concept of the world to include people of forensic science.


 CV of the chairman of the scholars Sudan


Name: Mohamed Osman Saleh Mohammed.
Title: Professor (Professor).
Specialization: dogma and comparative religion.
Birth: Northern State - Merowe, Mqashi 1942.
Marital status: Married.
Bachelor of Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Omdurman in 1966.
Master's and doctoral 1970-1976m the University of Edinburgh.
1- Lecturer, then Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor - Omdurman Islamic University.
2 -Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Orientalism University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud - Higher Institute Medina 1982-1990m.
3-Dean of the Faculty of advocacy and media - Omdurman Islamic University, 1990-1992.
4- Professor - University of the Holy Quran - Vice Chancellor 1992-1993.
5- Minister of Education and Guidance - South Kordofan 1993-1995m.
6 -Director of the International Center for Research on faith 1995-2001m.
7- Omdurman Islamic University President 2001-2009m, then Professor of yet.
8 -Secretary General of the Sudan scientists 1999-2013 AD.
9 -Vice-President of the Supreme Council for Islamic Call in Sudan so far.
10- member of the Islamic Fiqh Academy in Sudan so far.
11 -Chief of scientists from Sudan 2013- yet.
1-conflict people of other religions on Palestine and Lebanon.
2 -Christianity and Christianization.
3- calculation and its impact in the community building.
4- entrance to the study of religions.
5- Quranic miracle in the economic system (the study of the test in the global economic crisis of 2009).
6- Another group of research published in Alrkz Global Research faith then in publications Scholars Sudan.
Research published:
1- Journal of the University of the Holy Quran.
2 -Journal of Omdurman Islamic University.
3 -Journal of International University of Africa.
4 -Journal of the Imam bin Saud University.
5- Research Journal faith - editor.
6- Journal of the pulpit - Chairman of the Board.
Associations and organizations:
1 -is a founding member and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Women's Center of the Islamic World.
2 -Member of Association of the Koran central Sudan.
3 -Member of the Society of interfaith dialogue and religious coexistence in Sudan Council.
4- Member of the Board of Trustees of the International Union for Muslim Scholars.
5- member of the scientific miracles Muslim World League - Makkah.


CV of the deputy secretary general.


Name: Osman mohammed alnadeef mohammed

Place and Date of Birth: West Kordofan administrative Drdouk Almsid 01/01/1975 AD
Alhalhalajtmaih: Married
E mail:
Public action and the union: -
* Secretary of the Society of the Holy Quran Palmahadalawst Alnhod89-91m.grb Kordofan
* Secretary of the Society of the Holy Quran secondary institute Snkat92-94m.sear Red
* President of the Students Union Institute of Scientific Sinkat secondary M.sear 1994 Red
* Deputy Secretary Balathadalasalama province Snkat1994-1995m.sear Red
* Studies teacher legitimate role Da'ohhaih relief Alasalamahalaalmih eastern state Alahmrsnkat1992-1994m sea.
* Educational Supervisor social students Dorhosama bin Zaid (7) in 1996 M.olaah Khartoum.
* Imam of the mosque of al-Zahra platform Friday congregation of 1997-2013m
* Secretary of the Faculty of Sharia law and the Islamic Movement of student Ami
1997-1998m. Omdurman Islamic University.
* President of the Association of Sharia law and the two sessions of 99 and 2000 M.gamah Islamic.
* President of the Assembly education and preventive medicine at the University of pomegranate or d Islamic 2001.
* Secretary-General and then Secretary of the media and then Secretary of the educational activities and then Deputy Secretary General Authority of imams and preachers Bmhalihomadrmanmn2001-2013m.
* Secretary of the Organization of Al-Qabas call for Social Development from 2004-2006
* Professor Studies legitimate role of advocate for the rehabilitation of university students from the three regions charitable organization Salsabeel Mn2001-2006m.
* Secretary of Education Organization ambassadors of peace for humanitarian action, 2007.
* Secretary external committee adjust the positions of national organizations, 2007.
* Administrative and Financial Director Organization Safraialsalam 2009.
* Lecturer interpretation of verses and sayings of the national provisions Bmsadjadalcil
* Lecturer convoys and camps in the People's Police and community Mn2007-2008m.
* Secretary of the activities conducted administrative unit Abi Saad National Congress, 2006-2010.
* Reciter radio and television 2007-2009.
* Secretary of advocacy and preachers faithfully Testimonial Omadrman2009-2011m local youth sector.
* Professor collaborator Academy of Strategic Studies in Khartoum Mn2007-2014m.
* A member of the Islamic Movement Conference 2012 Khartoum State escalation local Omdurman.
* Member of the Union lawyers and lawyers before the courts since 2005.
* Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence (Sharia Law) Jamahom Omdurman Islamic Sharia College and Aleghanon2011- to date.
* Legal Counsel to the local imams and preachers Omdurman 2014.
* Legal Counsel for the company's Integrated Solutions Tmhill of 2012.
* Secretary of the convoys and advocacy circumnavigation Authority scientists Sudan 2014.
* Editor of the Journal of the Faculty of Sharia and Law Court 2014.
* Deputy Secretary General Authority scientists Sudan.
* Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs Authority scientists Sudan 2014
* Member of the Council of Scientific Authority scientists Sudan
* A member of the Department of Fatwa Authority scientists Sudan 2014
Qualifications: -
• Certificate of memorizing the Quran since 1984.
• Bachelor of Sharia law and the Islamic University of Omdurman, 2001.
• Certificate of regulating the profession of law Regulatory Board profession Attorney General, 2004.
• Master of Sharia law and Islamic University of Omdurman specialty Aleghanonaltjara (comparative jurisprudence) and sharia law) 2006
• graduate of Sharia law and the Islamic University of Omdurman
Specialty commercial law specialty accurate electronic banking comparative jurisprudence) and sharia law.) 2010
Training courses which I have received: -
* Course Administration National Center for Youth Training Khartoum 1993.
* Cycle health education and the Ministry of Health Preventive Medicine Department, 1999
* Course preachers of the Islamic world Azhar 2004-2005.
* Doroh contemporary economic issues of Al-Azhar University, Egypt, 2005
* Cycle PR Sudan Academy for Administrative Sciences, 2006
* Cycle Human Rights National Center for Human Rights Khartoum, 2007.
* Cycle Computer Maintenance Training Center UNESCO Khartoum 2007.
* Cycle Commercial Arbitration Centre of the National Arbitration Khartoum 2008.
* Cycle of conflict resolution for the cadres of national organizations network Darfur Nate 2009.
* Supervising Masters and PhDs -aladarh public training Omdurman Islamic University 2013- official nomination of the Faculty of Sharia and Law.
Courses Taught for bachelor students: -
Muadalhariah: -
1-interpretation of the verses and sayings of the provisions
2-worship jurisprudence
3-jurisprudence transactions
4-science inheritance and endowment and commandment.
6-Comparative Jurisprudence
7 / jurisprudence transactions medical professions
8 / criminal jurisprudence
9 / jurisprudence transactions medical professions
Articles of the law: -
1-commercial law.
2-Evidence Act.
3-entrance to the study of law.
4-Personal Status Law
Faculties of the university that you have attended: -
1 of Sharia and Law
2 Fundamentals of Religion
3 call
4 Arabic language
5 Education
6 Arts
7 of Medicine and Health Sciences
8 Pharmacology
9 laboratories
Branches of the university where I studied: -
1- Merowe branch
2 -Nyala Branch
3- Kordofan branch
4- Abu Hamad Branch  
Compositions in the canon: -
1- evidence in the jurisprudence of transactions
2 Comparative Islamic criminal jurisprudence
3 entrance for the study of comparative jurisprudence
4 Clinch in the verses and sayings of the provisions
5 Alfoard in the science of the statutes
6 sentenced circumcision of girls between the truth and the legitimate claims phantom.
7 evidence in the jurisprudence of worship.
8 provisions of the loan and controls rose upward ..
9 incomprehensible, in the verses and sayings of the provisions.
10 jurisprudence theory and practice in the Hajj and Umrah and experiences.
11 jurisprudence transactions medical professions.
Works-in-law: -
1 Comparative Commercial Law
2 explain the Evidence Act 1994.
3 explain the Electronic Transactions Act 2007.
Participation in the work of the pilgrimage:
* Guide lawsuit Aloawam2007-2008m Khartoum airport lounge Almghaderh.
* Amir Regiment sector by 2007
* Amir Regiment 2008 sector Omdurman
* Amir Regiment 2010 Khartoum sector.
* Guide pilgrimage centers provide 2011 -2012 m.
* Guide pilgrimage centers provide 2012-2013m
* Teacher centers jurisprudence rite of Hajj mosque pant East 2013
* Guide to provide the status of a local pilgrimage Omdurman 2014.
God bless.